Sunday, 13 May 2018

Review: Tokyo Kawaii Club One-Time Magic Mailer

Since receiving my first Magic Mailer back in February I've been obsessed with Tokyo Kawaii Club and I've been trying to find any excuse to buy myself another since but it didn't take long for me to have a legitimate reason. That reason being was to celebrate getting a new job, finally after just under a year of trying I found the right job and start on the 14th May... anyways you aren't here to hear about that!

If you want to read about my previous mailer and find out some more information then you can here to see what exciting things I got last time. I said once I had brought my first one I wouldn't get another one with going away to Tokyo in November but I just couldn't and it was to celebrate so why not.

This time around I did noticed that the shipping time did take longer than previously but he does say in his email shipping can be between 2 to 3 weeks due to finding the right items plus with more interest in the mailers. I placed my order on the 13th April and it was shipped on the 27th April where as last time it was shipped two days later after our discussion.

Although this time its the quickest the mailer has ever arrived even during the Bank Holiday season it only took a week and 3 days.

What’s Inside:
I decided to keep my preferences for my mailer the same as it makes this easier for Micheal rather than constantly swapping them. He's still doing free customisation at the moment but it does seem he is getting busier as word gets about so who knows how long this will continue.

When my mailer comes I like to have a feel of the package to see if I can guess whats inside. This time I could feel another souvenir tin and I have to admit because I picked this up super late I did have a peak and oh my its amazing but then I had to wait another day to open it.

Chip and Dale Cookie Tin
So this is the tin I could feel when I had a squish of my mailer and the item that when I took a sneak peak I saw first. I love the range of tins they have to offer in Tokyo so when I was lucky enough to receive another one and in this amazing Chip and Dale style I was so excited. Inside are really cute Chip and Dale cookies and both taste slightly different.

Rapunzel Key Chain
I actually saw somebody get this in they're mailer the other day so to find this inside mine to I was super excited. I love that its in a different style to the usual Rapunzel merchandise you can get and that she is sleeping or relaxing. The purple bow is a nice added bonus but I probably wont use the Key Chain as I don't want it to get scratched or ruined.

 Camp Woodchuck Postcard and Pen
Camp Woodchuck is actually on one of my lists for somewhere I may eat when I visit Tokyo Disneyland in November as its based on my favourite family. When I saw this at first I though the pen was separate but on closer inspection I realised it was a post card and pen set which is really cool and I love that the pen is off the same scene.

Chip and Dale Grape Button
Another item I was hoping would be in my mailer! Every so often Michael puts out a post on Instagram showing some of the cool merch he is picking up and asks which people would choose and I did comment on this one. Whether he makes a note of what people say who knows but I love this button and design and will be adding it to my button for when I visit DLP in October.

Donald and Dasiy Ufufy 
I'm so in love with these little guys, I actually prefer the smaller two sets to the bigger ones you can get. I'm not sure why but the mini ones just look super cute so two have these in my collection is brilliant.

Mickey Mouse Waffle Notes
How adorable are these? Like the attention to detail even down to the strawberries and cream on the little plate backing card. I love stationary and things that are just so handy when you work in an office.

I originally had something completely different written here but that changed. I absolutely love the thought and care that goes in to these mailers not only my own but watching all the unboxing videos. As I have been writing this I have been trying to see if its doable for me to subscribe and at the moment it is but things could change in a few months but at least you can skip a month whenever you fancy but also cancel at anytime so you can expect this to become a monthly post for at least a few months.

Thank you for reading. I purchased my Magic Mailer with my own money and was NOT paid to review this by Tokyo Kawaii Club.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Tokyo Plans: Places We Plan To Visit

Welcome back to my blog and another instalment of my Tokyo Planning series. With seven months to go and both my days at Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland already planned its time to get down to business and plan the remainder of my trip.

Not including the day we arrive and our two days in the Tokyo Disney Resort we have a full seven days in Tokyo and already looking at my list of things we want to do I can see it being a busy seven days and also the longest time I've been away from home.

Over the past few months I've been doing a lot of research in to Tokyo finding out the best places to visit, places to shop, eat and even get amazing snacks. After I had done this I brought a map of Tokyo and started pin pointing all these places in different areas and coloured sticky notes.

You may ask me why I decided to do it this way rather than just use google maps and that's because I find things easier when I can visualise it all in front of me. This will make planning our daily itinerary a lot easier as we will now be able to see where in comparison everything is making sure we do certain things together rather than going here there and everywhere.

Tokyo is somewhere I've wanted to visit for such a long time and now we finally are I want to make sure we see everything that we can and experience the culture that is Tokyo.

Places We Want to Visit
Shrines and Temples
You can't come all the way to Tokyo and not explore the vast amount of Shrines and Temples dotted over the capital. It wasn't until I looked on my map that I realised how many there were to see and realistically we aren't going to see them all so I looked through my Tokyo Top 10 guide and made a note of the some of them as well as taking a look online as well.

  • Meiji Jingu Shrine
  • Sensoji Shrine
  • Tennoji Temple
  • Yasukuni Shrine
  • Shinjuku Suwa Shrine
  • Honganji Temple
  • Sengakuji Temple
  • Kanda Moyojin Shrine
  • Nezu Shrine
  • Hie Shrine
  • Zojoji Shrine

I really cannot wait to explore all of these Shrines and Temples to gaze at the amazing architecture but also find our more about the culture and experience it first hand. 

Japan is known for having some of the most amazing gardens and even though we won't be going during Sakura Season the gardens will be looking all autumnal during the autumn season.

  • Imperial Place Gardens
  • Koishikawa Korakuen Garden
  • Yoyogi Park

Neon Lights
Whenever you google Tokyo you are bound to see a photo of all the buildings and billboards covered in neon lights lighting up the night. I have always loved the photos I've seen and loved this about Tokyo so I am super excited to get there and finally take my own. 

Two places I've been recommend so far are Kabukicho and Shinjuku so these are definitely on my list and before I go I'm planning to do some more research and see if there are anymore places I can check out.

Other Places
Tokyo Tower:
Very similar and based of the Eiffel Tower in Paris so a must see whilst in Tokyo and is one of the 2nd tallest structures in Japan. Below the tower is an area called Foot Town which houses restaurants, shops and museums. Guests are allowed to visit the two observation decks which will give some amazing views of Tokyo and the surrounding area.

Tokyo Sky Tree:
Is the tallest building in Japan and is primarily a television and radio broadcast sight but is open to the public to visit certain observation points on the way up to the main deck which has a restaurant, cafe and a shop. Like with Tokyo Tower is a must do if you want to see the most amazing views of Tokyo and Mount Fuji when she isn't hiding behind the clouds.

I'm really excited to visit Odaiba for many reasons it has a really fascinating history and is actually a man made Island which now houses a popular shopping and entertainment district. All the buildings on the island are very modern and futuristic looking. I can't wait to come over here and do some shopping and visit the Hello Kitty Cafe and Bakery, there is also a giant Gundam outside one of the centres we are excited to see.

We are hoping to visit in the late afternoon so that on our return it will be dark enough to see the connecting Rainbow Bridge all lite up. 

Shibuya Pedestrain Crossing:
A must do on our list, its one of the busiest crossings in the world and Japan sending people in a variety of different directions. From the videos I've seen it looks really exciting as its so busy and yet people don't seem to bump in to each other. Can't wait to get a video of me walking across for myself.

Hachiko Dog Statue:
I absolutely love the story of Hachiko the dog after watching the movie based on his story and I didn't realise near the station in Shibuya that there was an actual statue of the dog which has been there for many years. This is a popular tourist spot and I cannot wait to go an see it for myself and snap a few photos.

Ueno Zoo:
I absolutely love going to the zoo and its become a thing that on holidays me and Joel will try and visit one if there is one local to where we are visiting. Low and behold there are a few different Zoo's in Tokyo but after doing some research we found out about Ueno Zoo which has Pandas I repeat Pandas which I have always wanted to see so of course this was going on the list.

I cannot believe how cheap it is to visit the zoo, its 600 yen which £3.90 compared to the costs of £13 in the UK in I couldn't believe it and there is such a wide variety of animals as well.

Day Trip to Mt Fuji:
You can't come all the way to Tokyo and not go visit Mt Fuji especially when there is so many different trips that can be booked making the whole experience a lot better. We have decided to go for a package that has a variety of different things going on.

We start the day travelling to Mt Fuji and driving up to station 5 I believe if the weather permits where at this point we will be able to take in the amazing views, explore the gift shops and enjoy a traditional Japanese lunch. After lunch we make our way back down and across to Lake Ashi where we get to travel across the lake via boat taking in more of the breath taking scenery and once making it to the other side we get travel up Mt Komagatake in the ropeway which is opposite to take a stroll along the top taking in the sites of Mt Fuji if shes not being shy and exploring the shrine at the top.

What I love about this whole trip is that every part is going to be extremely breath taking, we are going to get to explore so many places from different heights and directions and I cannot wait. The fact we get to return to Tokyo on the Bullet Train makes it even more exciting as that will be the only chance we have to ride it. 

So there you have it some of the places we plan to visit on our trip Tokyo. I imagine as the year goes on and I seen more vlogs extra places might make they're way on to our list as its still early days before we actually go. It's actually 200 days till our trip so I think to spread these out the next post will be around the 150 days mark as I only have a couple of posts left before we go.

200 Days To Go!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Tokyo Plans: Tokyo Disneyland

I’ve loved planning my Tokyo Disney Resort days and I’m sad the planning is over for this part of my trip until the new Christmas information is released later in the year. If you want to read all about my plans for Tokyo Disney Sea and an overview, then you can here. As I’m hoping this won’t be as much of a wordy post as the last one … she says!

As mentioned in my other post I will be in the parks for the 35th Anniversary and the first official day of the Christmas season in the main park which I am so excited about. This post won’t detail any of the parades or Christmas snacks because by the time the information is released it will be too late for me to post this unless it comes out in October when I will do a shorter updated posted.

Like with Tokyo Disney Sea I don’t want to run too much of a schedule as I want to take it all in and enjoy being there rather than running around but the first thing I’m going to do when I get in to the Park is take some photos of the entrances and the covered Main Street before taking a short cut to get a fast pass for Monsters Hide and Go Seek. After this I plan on taking a slow walk back to see the castle and some photos before grabbing some breakfast and then after that its as the day takes me just making sure I see all the shows and parades.

Just like Tokyo DisneySea I have my list of snacks I want to try and make my way through and these are completely different which makes it even more exciting.

01. Pizza Spring Roll - After reading the TDR Explores blog and how much he goes on about these they had to be added to my list to try.
02. Mike Melon Bread - I love Monsters Inc so this was on my list from the get go it just looks so adorable.
03. Mickey Cream Bread
04. Scrump Mochi - This trip is going to be very Mochi heavy and you may think why do I need to try everyone? The reason being is they're all different flavours and look different as well.
05. Stromtrooper Mochi
06. Mickey Castella Cake
07. Sparkling Lemon Tapioca Drink
08. Honey Popcorn
09. Chocolate Popcorn
10. Mickey Bread Set - New for the Anniversary
11. Cotton Candy Churro - New for the Anniversary
12. Beef and Rice Cone - New for the Anniversary - This is the weirdest looking snack ever but it has to go on my list!!

Main Meal
Choosing where I wanted to eat in Tokyo Disneyland didn’t take me 30 seconds to decided and this decision was made back in October 2016 when I first started planning my trip and read some amazing reviews.

I absolutely love Alice and Wonderland so when I saw there was a themed restaurant I knew from the get go this was the place I had to eat. The restaurant is called Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall and it is in Fantasyland, the theming is incredible even down to the cute tea pot shaped vending machines outside.

After looking at the menu and seeing all the cute souvenir plates/cups they do I now know I’m getting two desserts, so I can have the cup and the plate as well as the main plate they have now released. Although to my disappointment these are only going to be on sale till the 30th June apparently which is before I go so I may have to see about getting these before then because I'm not sure if they're being replaced with a new style or going completely.

I cannot wait to do my own review when I get back. For my main meal, two desserts, plate and a drink will cost me 4190 yen making that £29 which I don’t actually think is two bad considering all the extra bits I’m getting.

Shows and Parades
What I love even more about visiting the parks is the shows and parades they put on each and everyday. I have loved experiencing all the ones at Disneyland Paris over the last 4 years and I'm super excited to see what the Tokyo parades are like especially with them being new for the anniversary and I will be avoiding any spoilers so I can experience them first hand.

01. Dreaming Up - This is the new day time parade which will replace the current Happiest is Here parade which I really wish I had chance to see but I'm really excited to see all the new floats especially as it includes Big Hero 6 as you don't get to see much of them around the parks.

02. Brand New Dream - A new fireworks show that will be visible above parks which is pretty cool meaning if I don't see it one night least I can watch it the next.

03. Celebrate Tokyo Disneyland - A brand new castle show to replace the current one for the anniversary in the park. Just like they did with Disneyland Paris replacing Dreams with Illuminations so this will be exciting even though I haven't seen the old one it will still be great as I love the castle shows the parks but on they're so well done and so magical.

So I've decided to do the same and narrow my ride choices down to just the four again as this will make it easier to hopefully get them all done. There are two rides on this list that you might wonder why I'm doing them because I can go on them in DLP but my reason for doing them is because they are special editions.

01. It’s a Small World - Now this ride has been closed for over a year and is due to open at the start of the anniversary and you may be thinking whats the point but its been updated to include dolls from all the movies including Peter Pan, Cinderella and Rapunzel so I cannot wait to see them.
02. Pooh’s Honey Hut - I've been recommend this ride far to many times by people especially because it is like Ratatouille with it being trackless. From what I've seen this ride is just super cute and I love Pooh Bear!
03. Haunted Mansion - Simple enough answer, when I go its going to be a Nightmare Before Christmas version ... Must Do!
04. Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek - I'm beyond excited to ride this with being a massive fan of the movie.

Character Meets
Like I said before I love Character meet and greets and are one of my favourite things to do in the parks but when you are limited time and with how different the meet and greets run over there it could be a lot of wasted time so I've narrowed down my choices to a select few and shall see how things work out on the day.

01. Robin Hood - This movie is one of my all time favourites and I have seen that Robin comes out on a few occasions so if its my lucky day then I'm defiantly getting in the circle to try and get a meet and greet.

02. Fairy Godmother - This is a must do the Fairy Godmother in TDR is like nothing else I have seen before. She is so creepy and you ask why? Well this is because she is the only one around all the parks to wear a mask a creepy looking mask. Honestly ... go and google it now!

03. Bianca and Bernard - These two sweet mice are from such an underrated movie and one of my favourites growing up. As soon as I found out they met regularly in Disney Sea they were right on my list as they are so rare in the other parks.

04. Aristocats - These little kittens are favourite, and it is a goal of mine to meet the trio together or at least the other two by they’re selves. I was lucky enough to meet Marie in Disneyland Paris back in 2015 which made me so happy so to finally meet the others would be amazing.

05. Rapunzel - In all my times at trying I have never managed to meet her and if I don't manage to during my October trip then she is remaining on this list as she seems to be out more frequently in TDR so will definitely try my luck.

06. Pocahontas - My favourite movie and Princess of all time who is never out in DLP which really annoys me but over in TDR she is out regularly with and without her animal sidekick Meeko so if shes out the day I'm there then I am jumping in that circle because she is a must do for me!

07. Chip and Dale - Anyone who knows me knows these two cheeky chaps are my favourite and may be on my list but unless they’re in some cute outfit then I probably won’t meet with them sorry boys.

So here are my Tokyo Disneyland plans for my day in the park. I know I won't be able to fulfil everything on my list but I will try and complete as much as I can when it comes to rides, shows and snacks. The character meets are just an added extra depending on who is about. Honestly this is such  dream come true to be visiting here and I cannot wait to share it with you all!

 216 Days To Go!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Tokyo Plans: Tokyo DisneySea and Overview

Planning Disney Days is literally the best thing ever and since the moment Joel agreed we could visit Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea I’ve been constantly researching and making notes on what I want to do while I’m there. Rather than make this a wordy long post I’ve decided to split it in to two for each park day.

I’m going to be visiting the parks during the 35th Anniversary as well as the Christmas season. These posts will detail a variation of things that I want to try and do on my days in the parks, but they won’t include any of the Christmas activities because we go right at the beginning of the season it will be too late for me to post these before I go so I’ll detail all the Christmas festivities in my trip report unless the information is released in October then I may do an updated post.

As the Christmas season begins on the 8th November it works out that we would have to miss one of the parks Christmas events, so I opted to do Tokyo DisneySea first on the 7th as I really want to see all the parades in the main park. We could have moved the Disney Days to the 8th and 9th but looking at the crowd calendar it worked more in our favour to do the 7th and 8th plus Joel really wants to get these done out of the way (boo hoo) but in a way works better for me because it means I don't have to hold on to lots of spending money for later in the trip.

Me being me I love to plan everything, and I have pretty much done so with my day at Tokyo DisneySea when it comes down to the snacks I want to eat and what rides I want to try and do but other than that I’m not going to do it in any particular order.

With Tokyo DisneySea being such a unique park and there being nothing else like it in the Disney world I want to take in each area of the park, take photos, try all the snacks without feeling like I’m running here there and everywhere. There are a few rides I would definitely like to do and some characters I would love to meet if they’re out, but it is literally going to be however the day takes me.

From the moment I saw my friends Toy Story alien Mochi was the moment I knew Tokyo Disneyland were going to have some amazing snacks on offer to try. After watching so many vlogs of people trying snacks and reading peoples blogs I have come up with a list of my own that I want to try. Some of them may not be on offer when I go due to there being a Christmas version out but for now here are the ones I’d like to try;

01. Alien Mochi
02. Ukiwah Shrimp Bun
03. Gyoza Sausage Bun
04.Happy Friends Cakes - Not sure if this is available still but when I made the notes it looked amazing
05. Chandu Tail
06. DeepSea Pineapple Drink – Not sure if this is available still but when I made the notes it looked amazing
07. Tiramisu Ice Cream Bar – To be eaten in either Tokyo Disney Sea or Disneyland
08. Mickey Ice Bar – To be eaten in either Tokyo Disney Sea or Disneyland
09. Minnie Ice Bar – To be eaten in either Tokyo Disney Sea or Disneyland
10. Blueberry Popcorn
11. Green Apple Soft Drink - New for the Anniversary
12. Grapefruit and Lemon Jelly Cocktail - New for the Anniversary
13. Souvenir Minnie's Chocolate Sweet Case - New for the Anniversary

I’ve worked out that trying most of these will cost me 3610 yen which is about £25 which isn’t too bad considering how many are on my list. I said to Joel I would pay for all the snacks and we can share them together as I don’t expect him to pay for these only his main meal and breakfast.

I plan on trying to do a vlog of all the snacks I try in the parks which will be something completely new to me as I’ve never done a vlog before but its something I would like to try and do. I will still be taking photos and writing them up on my blog but that it is even if I post the footage anyways.

Main Meal:
With both days in the parks being so snack heavy I think I’ll only end up having one main meal a day whether Joel decides to have lunch and tea that’s totally up to him, but I definitely won’t be with all the snacks I plan on making my way through.

Where we eat on the day will be a complete surprise to me but rather than us get there and spend so much time fathing about trying to choose somewhere I have chosen a few restaurants in advance which I will show to Joel before we go.

01. Cape Cod Cook Off – Duffy/Friends restaurant that sells burgers and fries – Set Menu 1300 Yen
02. New York Deli – Ranges of sandwiches with sides – Set Menu 1300 Yen
03. Miguels El Doado – Mexican food – Set Menu 1180 Yen
04. Kasbuba Food Court – Indian Food – Set Menu 800 to 900 Yen

I’ve tried to go for restaurants that offer a set menu making food at the parks cheaper but a range of options depending on what we feel like on the day. For breakfast I plan on just popping to the bakery to pick up a pastry as they have a range of ones that are different to anything in the UK.

I absolutely love rides so finally coming to a new park and being able to experience something new is going to be amazing. Until we get to the parks on the actual day I’m not 100% sure how busy its going to be and how this could affect the rides. But I have narrowed my choices down to four that I would like to try and then any others would be a bonus.

My choices have been based on rides that are unique to the park, as in my own opinion there is no point going somewhere and riding something that I can ride in Disneyland Paris especially when I have limited time in the parks. Out of the four rides the main one I want to do first and make sure I do is they’re version of Tower of Terror because it’s my favourite ride but also it has a different story to all the other ones in the Disney Parks.

01. Tower of Terror
02. Toy Story Mania
03. Journey to the Centre of the Earth
04. Nemo and Friends Sea Rider

Funnily enough three out of the four rides are the most popular ones in the whole park and require fast passes so the plan is I’m getting my fast pass for Tower of Terror and hope that when I’m able to get my next one some of the other rides have some left as its meant to be a quiet day but who knows what I’ll get on and what I won’t.

Shows and Parades:
So there are usually a lot of different shows and parades going on at the both of the Disney Parks but because we are limited with time I won't be able to explore them all.

01. Happiest Celebration on the Sea - This is new for the 35th Anniversary and will replace the current show being performed on the Mediterranean Harbour. It will feature a variety of characters in cute new outfits sailing on water in the harbour. I'm super excited to see one of these shows because from what I've seen of previous shows it looks amazing.

02. Brand New Dream - Another new show for the 35th Anniversary but this one is Fireworks and that's all I really know at the moment but Disney sure do know how to put on a show.

03. Fantasmic - This show has been at Tokyo DisneySea for as long as I can remember and from the short clips I've seen it looks incredible. Its a show that is done on the harbour water with lights, characters, fireworks and different clips from Disney Movies making it even more magical. Hopefully this will still be on during the 35th Anniversary but I'm not 100% sure at the moment if it will be.

Character Meets:
I adore character meets and they are so much fun if you put the effort in to interact with the characters but in Tokyo Disney Resort they do there meet and greets slightly different, they don’t actually line up and wait like you do in most parks you actually surround the character in a circle and the CM will choose whether you are lucky enough to join them for a photo. Some of the meets do have waiting lines but most of the time its pot luck.

Therefore, I’ve chosen characters that are rarer to the other parks around the world and I will only go and join the circles for that reason. There is one or two characters that I haven’t met in Disneyland Paris yet or are my favourites who I wouldn’t mind trying to meet but I won’t be wasting too much time character meeting with the limited time in the parks and the choosing system being so different.

01. Bianca and Bernard – These two sweet mice are from such an underrated movie and one of my favourites growing up. As soon as I found out they met regularly in Disney Sea they were right on my list as they are so rare in the other parks.

02. Minnie Mouse - I really want to meet Minnie in Tokyo Disney Sea because she has the cutest outfit that is unique to the parks and so kawaii.

03. Chip and Dale – Anyone who knows me knows these two cheeky chaps are my favourite and may be on my list but unless they’re in some cute outfit then I probably won’t meet with them sorry boys.

04. Duffy or Friends – I love Duffy and his friends, and I love the fact that they’re always adding to his gang. It would be amazing to meet them especially as I missed the chance at Disneyland Paris and now they are being withdrawn from the parks to be more focused on only the Asian parks.

05. Aristocats – These little kittens are favourite, and it is a goal of mine to meet the trio together or at least the other two by they’re selves. I was lucky enough to meet Marie in Disneyland Paris back in 2015 which made me so happy so to finally meet the others would be amazing.

So, there you have it my plans for my day at Tokyo DisneySea and a brief overview. I’m so excited to finally get there and visit the parks its been a dream for so long. Have you been to the parks before? And have any tips? Then I’d love to speak with you so please feel to comment, tweet me or head over to my Instagram!

 222 Days To Go!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

It's Official ... I'm Going Back to Disneyland Paris

I've been dying to go back to Disneyland Paris since my last trip with Emma back in September 2017 and with the unexpected curve ball of my landlord selling the flat and our holiday to Tokyo it just wasn't going to happen but I have some good news we no longer have to move as the flat is being brought by an investor and we get to stay.

What does this mean for me? Well the extra money I was planning to save to move can now be used to fund a trip, a trip I've been dying to do for so long. I'm so glad we can stay in the flat until we are ready to move as it saves us rushing around looking for money and some where new.

We're going on the 7th October arriving in the evening and coming back on the evening of the 10th October meaning we will get 2 and half days in the park which is plenty during non peak time. We have decided to stay off site for two reasons one being the costs is so much cheaper and secondly after staying in the budget Disney hotels I haven't been impressed.

We are staying in Hi Park by Adagio which is located just a 5 minuet walk from the Val D'Europe metro station and shopping centre. The reason we have chosen to stay here is because for 3 nights it was very cheap and had been recommend by my best friend Martha who stayed there back in February. What is great about this hotel is they offer a free shuttle to and from the parks and its actually only a 15 minuet walk as well which means we have a few options of getting there.

We booked our 3 day park tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct as they were offering these for a reduced rate meaning we saved £60 which is great as every little helps. I haven't used them before but speaking to a lot of people who have said they are great and easy to redeem the tickets when you get to the parks.

All in all the holiday cost us £288 each which in my eyes is a bargain as to stay on site in one of the budget hotels it would have set us back £503 each meaning we saved £215 staying off site meaning I have extra money for spending now.

I'm super excited for this trip because it means I can cross off another special event at the park as we will be there during the Halloween Season which is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I can't wait to see all the extra shows that will be on when we are there but also meeting some different characters who have special meet and greets during the season as lots of Villains will be out but also Marie who is a favourite and hoping for the Cheshire Cat to be out again which would be a dream come true. My main goal is to meet Rapunzel this trip as I have been super unlucky on previous occasions so here is hoping.

(Image from

As we are only there for a short number of days we plan on eating in the counter service restaurants on two occasions and then having a sit down meal one night. This is just to keep things cheap plus two of the places we really want to eat at happened to be counter service.

The counter service restaurants we have gone for are Casey's Corner because Kirsty loves this place over in Florida and I have actually never been so I'm excited to try the ever so popular Casey's Hot Dog. We have also gone for Cafe Hyperion because If I'm going back then I am having a Jedi Burger and Yoda Cupcake so I really hope they don't take it off the menu before we go because its one of my favourites.

For our only sit down meal of the whole trip we have decided to go for the all you can eat buffet at Billy Bobs. I've been here a few times before and each time I have enjoyed it as there is a lot of variety and choice for everyone plus its a really good price and even includes a drink. The dessert section is the best!

What to expect before I go:
1. What I'm Packing - Outfit Plans
2. What's In My Parks Bag
3. Trip Plans - Things We Plan To Do

What to expect when I return:
1. Trip Reports
2. Disneyland Paris Haul

As we near the end of March it feels like October is ages away but when you look at it in days 200 doesn't feel that long. I already know what I am planning to wear on the days I am there so it's literally just getting my spending money up together now and saving for Tokyo to which is in 229 days. 

Exciting times ahead!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Saving for Tokyo and a Potential Move

There is nothing worse when all your plans are coming along, and life chucks an unexpected curve ball right at you. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog over the last few months you will know I’m off to Tokyo in November and that has been the plan since October 2016.

Back in November last year I got the dreaded text I never thought I would get from my landlord telling me he’s decided to sell the flat and at the point my brain went in to over drive. Luckily, we hadn’t committed fully to Tokyo at that point and nothing had been booked or paid for.

Me being me that was it Tokyo was cancelled, and we were going to have to save over £2,000 to move flats very quickly or borrow money from our parents which I am so grateful for the offer. But after speaking with the Estate agent who came over to value the flat explained how we didn’t need to rush to move as the flat could potentially be brought by an investor and we could stay, even if the flat was sold and we did have to move we’d have two months’ notice.

All I can say is looking back now I’m so glad we didn’t rush to move as the flat is still for sale and hasn’t really had much interest since going on the market in January. Obviously, I would rather know what’s going on and if we must move but I guess no news is better as now we can keep going on as we are until something happens.

Now Tokyo, I was determined we couldn’t afford to go and that it was going to be cancelled even though my partner Joel said on so many occasions we could afford it regardless if we had to move and after a few days of feeling sorry for myself and upset about the trip I looked in to my money and with a few cut backs it was do able. The difference with me and Joel is he’s very calm and rational where as with me if something goes wrong then I go in to over drive.

As I write this post believe it or not I’ve paid off my half of the holiday which was just over £900 for flights and hotel which we booked in January. So already in two months I’ve managed to do something I thought wasn’t possible this was with the help of a little bonus from work but mostly down to making some cuts and saving more than what I usual would.

Although this is one hurdle out of the way I’ve still got to save at least £1,430 for spending money and excursions for Tokyo and as much money as I can in case we have to move depending on what comes first but it really is doable, so I thought I’d share my tips with you all on how I’m managing to save money.

Cheap Cinema Tickets/Snacks:
Me and Joel love going to the cinema and now with the cost of tickets being up to £12 per person for new releases its just beyond a joke trying to go but with the joys of Compare the Meerkat and they’re cheap Tuesday and Wednesday tickets is great help. Although now through work we now can get cheap cinema tickets meaning we can go any time and just need to buy the tickets and use the codes online.

Set Menus and Offers:
Making the most of set menu’s that any restaurant offers can make such a big change to how much you pay when going for a meal as there is usually something on there you will like or making the most of any special offers and going somewhere that has one for the time you are going.

Not Buying Birthday Presents:
This is the first time in years I’ve said to my friends I’m really sorry, but I won’t be buying presents this year. A few years ago, once I moved out I did make the decision to stop Christmas presents because with my finances changing I couldn’t afford to spend £20 to £30 on everyone but Birthdays to me are different as they’re special days and I love treating my friends but this year I won’t be because I really need the extra cash and they were all so understanding about my situation.

I’ve always budgeted ever since I moved out from home in to my own place nearly four years ago, so this is nothing new for me but something I’ve always found helpful.

Just before pay day each month I make a list of all by bills that are due and any extras that need paying for that month whether it’s a hair, dentist appointment or a birthday then I total them all up and take that amount away from my monthly pay. I’m then left with the amount of money I must live on for the month which I split between equal weeks until I get paid again which leaves me with my weekly allowance. This may not work for everyone, but I’ve found it useful keeping things on track

Not Making Plans that Cost Money:
There are so many things going on this year that I would love to do or people I’d love to go and see in concert, but I’ve had to say to myself that this isn’t the year for these events. I do have a couple of things in the pipeline, but these were booked last year so are still happening of course, but any new offers are being declined or put on hold until we know for certain what’s happening.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from all of this is that I need to learn to look at things more rationally and not rush to the worse conclusion because it has all worked out for now we’re still of to Tokyo and what ever happens next, we will deal with as a team and get through but making slight changes has really helped me with my money and saving!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Review: Tokyo Kawaii Club One-Time Magic Mailer

I haven’t reviewed anything on my blog for a long time with having to cancel my Japanese food subscriptions due to increased bills last part of 2017 but fear not I am back with a new one-time subscription from the lovely Tokyo Kawaii Club.

I’ve followed TKC (going to abbreviate it for the blog) over on they’re Instagram page since it was originally set up because I loved seeing all the kawaii Japanese merchandise that got shared on the page with myself heading to Tokyo in November its always great to see what’s out there. Now with some spare money this month and the boxes currently being $5 off I thought why not give it ago.

So, WHO are Tokyo Kawaii Club?
Well TKC is a one-man band ran by the lovely Michael Donahoe, he actually used to live in America and moved to Tokyo to full fill his dream of living in Tokyo and starting his own subscription business.

He currently has 4 different subscriptions on his website along with someone off mailers which are in and out of stock depending on when he has them available, but his main subscriptions can be purchased monthly or as a one-time only order and can be cancelled or skipped at any time which is great.

Magic Mailer $57.99

  • 5+ Mystery Disney Japan items. Including 1-2 Tokyo Park Exclusives
  • Free limited mailer customization – where Michael emails you to ask your preferences for your mail, but this won’t be around forever as I imagine as the company grows the harder this will become to do.
  • One entry into the monthly Patreon giveaway
  • Ships every month
  • 2 Shipping Options: Free Standard (2-6 Weeks) or Expedited Shipping (1 Week and $10)

Mini Magic Mailer $27.99

  • 3-4+ Mystery Disney Japan items
  • Free limited mailer customization – where Michael emails you to ask your preferences for your mail, but this won’t be around forever as I imagine as the company grows the harder this will become to do.
  • One entry into the monthly Patreon giveaway
  • Ships every month
  • 2 Shipping Options: Free Standard (2-6 Weeks) or Expedited Shipping (1 Week and $10)

Gacha Mailer $52.99

  • 7 – 8 Mystery Japanese Gachapon Vending Machine Capsule Toys
  • Free limited mailer customization – where Michael emails you to ask your preferences for your mail, but this won’t be around forever as I imagine as the company grows the harder this will become to do.
  • One entry into the monthly Patreon giveaway
  • Ships every month
  • 2 Shipping Options: Free Standard (2-6 Weeks) or Expedited Shipping (1 Week and $10)

Mini Gacha Mailer $27.99

  • 3 – 4 Mystery Japanese Gachapon Vending Machine Capsule Toys
  • Free limited mailer customization – where Michael emails you to ask your preferences for your mail, but this won’t be around forever as I imagine as the company grows the harder this will become to do.
  • One entry into the monthly Patreon giveaway
  • Ships every month
  • 2 Shipping Options: Free Standard (2-6 Weeks) or Expedited Shipping (1 Week and $10)

What did I choose?
I opted for the classic Magic Mailer costing me $52.99 with the $5 of making it £37.65 which is a great price for 5 plus items especially with 1 to 2 of them being from the parks which is the main reason I opted for this mailer. Looking at a lot of peoples unboxing videos they received between 6 and 7 items and I received 6 in mine .

Not long after purchasing my mailer I received an email from Michael asking what my favourite characters are and to be honest I think I gave him more information than I should but least it would help him choose the right things.

So, I told him the following;
  • Tangled/Rapunzel
  • Chip and Dale
  • Donald Duck
  • Tower of Terror
  • Pins
  • Stationary
  • Snacks that come in collector’s tins
  • Any Disney items that have cute Disney Park food on them
  • Key Rings
  • Plush Toys
  • NO Frozen Items

After this he responded very quickly to tell me it would take a week or so to get my items and ship them out to me which from that point would take 2-4 weeks with the longest being 2-6 weeks. But to my surprise 2 days after ordering the mailer mine was shipped on the 19th February which meant he must have already had or found the most perfect items for me. My mailer took exactly 2 weeks to come and arrived on the 5th March.

What’s Inside:
Inside my mailer I got a variety of difference items suiting my preferences and he couldn't have picked better items. I got such a mix of things which was amazing, I'm glad I gave him lots of choice so there is more variety.

Tokyo Disneyland Resort Chip, Dale and Donald Candy
With mentioning I love Chip and Dale and Donald I was really surprised to pull out a bag of soft candies with these three on the front. The packaging is just so amazing especially as it includes both Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland on the front. These are soft candies that taste like soda and cola which are two of my favourite flavours of Japanese candies.

Donald Slipper Socks
I didn't actually mention I LOVE socks but when I saw these inside they were an immediate win. Over in Japan they have a lot of clothes are this style where it just includes lots of the same character but doing different expressions or poses. I love that these are also bed socks which actually are really fluffy on the inside which I didn't notice right away.

Chip and Dale Memo Pad
STATIONARY!!! Another thing I mentioned and big hit with me, as I work in an office I am always using notebooks and memo pads to make lists and leave notes so I'm super excited to receive these.

Chip and Dale Ufufy
I hadn't actually jumped on the Ufufy band wagon yet because I was worried it would go the same way my Tsum Tsum collection did out of control although funnily enough I did nearly actually buy these two little guys as they were the only ones out of the whole collection I really wanted so I'm glad I didn't now as I think these are more special coming from Japan.

Rapunzel Notebook
How beautiful is this notebook? I love this scene from the movie and all the added star consolations on the front as well are such a great added extra especially the one of Pascal. Inside is simple lined paper with a space to write the date which will be perfect for making notes in meetings or making lists.

Rapunzel Sweet Tin
I think this has to be one of my favourite items in the whole mail, I mentioned that I loved souvenir tins and when I felt one inside I was so excited. I had seen on his page a cute Mickey and Minnie one so my first instinct was that was what I had gotten but when I saw that it was purple and I pulled it out the bag to see this I squealed with excitement as I had never seen anything like this before. The design on the front is super cute and from another one of my favourite bits in the movie.
I knew inside there would be some sort of chocolate or candy and I expected them to all be Rapunzel but here came another squeal as I saw there were mixed packets featuring Cinderella, Belle and Ariel in the same cute designs, the packaging is just adorable. I have only tried the Punzie candy at the moment and it was a small purple heart that tasted of grape another one of my favourite flavours.

Overall Opinion:
During my mini unboxing video which you can check out on my highlights on my Instagram I couldn't stop saying cute or super cute which is exactly what I wanted. Honestly this is one of my favourite subscriptions at the moment and I want to start getting this regularly because the effort Michael has put in to making this is incredible he couldn't have got my mailer more spot on if he tried, I loved every item inside and I think these will make the most amazing presents.

Everything in this mailer put a massive smile on my face and I recommend this everyone who loves Disney and wants to experience the amazing Japanese merchandise available.

Whether he keeps customisation free all the time who knows but I would actually pay for this service if he was to give it as an extra option. I can't thank him enough for all my goodies they are amazing and getting me even more excited for November!   

Thank you for reading. I purchased my Magic Mailer with my own money and was NOT paid to review this by Tokyo Kawaii Club.